It seems these days that having a fish spa pedicure is one of the ‘things you have to do’ when travelling to some countries especially around Asia. This growing craze is performed by submerging your feet in a tank filled with hundreds of tiny fish from a Garra Rufa breed, which eat away at all the hard skin. The result may be impressive as you are left with smooth skin and the novelty of course of saying ‘you did it’. But did you know that taking part in this peculiar fad can pose health risks by exposing you to infections such as HIV and Hepatitis C?  So before you think lightly about allowing the fish to nibble on you consider the following:

* Has the water in the tank been changed since the last client had their feet submerged in it?

* Could someone prior to you have had an infectious disease and remnants of blood may have deposited in the water and you are exposed to these?

* Has the equipment been sterilised?

Whilst some countries around the world including Australia have also jumped on the bandwagon of providing these services at their beauty salons, other countries such as in the United States have banned it. Don’t forget as well that these fish are imported from overseas countries and this alone carries the threat of existing contaminants in the water putting you at risk.

It is a greater concern if your immune system is compromised due to conditions such as Diabetes. Existing cuts or grazes can also offer a portal of entry for any germs to enter your body putting you also at risk. Even though getting a fish pedicure might sound like a fun experience, the possible consequences don’t sound very enticing so hopefully this puts it into perspective for you.

If you are concerned about rough or excess skin on your feet, our Podiatrists are highly trained at removing this for you. All our instruments are sterilised using an autoclave. When you think about it would very difficult to sterilise the fish tank as this process would kill the hundreds of fish inside.

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