Stress Fracture

A stress fracture is a small hairline crack in a bone. Our feet are placed under a lot of pressure throughout our lifetime and factors such as being overweight, osteoporosis, poor fitting shoes or overuse injury can lead to a stress fracture.  Stress fractures can also develop from a repetitive force on the foot such long distance running.

The most common sites of stress fractures in the feet are in the second and third metatarsals, heel bones and navicular. Symptoms include swelling and pain with activity.

To confirm you have a stress fracture your GP needs to refer you to have a bone scan or a MRI. Once diagnosed, it is vital to get plenty of rest in order to minimise the pressure on the injury and promote healing. Our Podiatrists at Glad Feet Podiatry can assist by providing you with a CAM walker in the early stages, which may redistribute the pressure on your feet and reduce the pressure on the affected areas to aid the healing process. We will also provide you with footwear advice to assist in the prevention of future stress fractures.

If you still wish to perform activities such as exercise we can provide you with advice on very low impact activities. It may take 6-8 weeks in a healthy foot for healing to occur.

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