Flat Feet

Flat feet also known as ‘fallen arches’ or ‘pes planus’ is a deformity in the foot where the arch is in contact with the ground. Flat feet can be asymptomatic meaning they cause no pain or symptomatic meaning they cause pain. Flat feet can develop from a young age or it can develop over time from factors such as ageing, obesity, diabetes and pregnancy.

Flat feet are usually a problem if you experience the following symptoms:

  • feet and legs get tired easily
  • pain in the arches or heels
  • swelling along the arches or inside of the heel
  • lower back pain after standing for long periods of time

At Glad Feet Podiatry our Podiatrists will perform the following:

  • assess the way you walk
  • look at unusual wear patterns on the soles of your shoes
  • test the strength of muscles and tendons in your feet and legs
  • look at unusual wear patterns on the soles of your shoes
  • refer you for an X-ray on your feet

Based on your assessment, we will determine the best possible treatment for your flat feet. Our Podiatrists can also prescribe custom-made orthotics which may assist in supporting the arches.

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