Callous and Corns

Callous also known as ‘hyperkeratosis’ is an area of thickened dead skin that occurs where there is friction whilst weightbearing. They are very common in areas such as the ball of the feet or on the tips of your toes. They can be caused by wearing constrictive footwear, high heels or even from changes to the shape of your feet.

Corns occur when there is a specific area of pressure on the foot and they have a dense area of skin in the centre. They can be painful to walk on depending on how long you have had them for and how deep they are. It is recommended that you don’t attempt to remove them yourself but see one of our Podiatrists who can gently remove them, providing immediate relief. Callous and Corns can recur if the source of pressure is not rectified, advice can also be given to minimise their build up and ensure your comfort.

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