If you have ever wondered whether a spa pedicure is the only way to remove all the hard skin from your feet? The answer is No. Our Podiatrists are highly qualified health professionals who can look after the appearance of your skin using both sterilised equipment and great expertise. Certain skin issues can be painful as they are embarrassing. Not only will you the confidence showing off your beautiful feet after seeing our Podiatrists, but also the peace of mind in knowing that the equipment used during your treatment has been sterilised to prevent your risk of infection.

We can improve the appearance of your feet by treating your:

Cracked heels

When the skin thickens around the heels it can often dry and crack. Depending on how deep the cracks are they can be very painful to walk on and can sometimes bleed or become infected. Cracked heels can occur during summer when you walk barefoot or wear backless shoes, they can also occur when you are dehydrated or go through hormonal changes such as during pregnancy.


Corns occur when there is a specific area of pressure on the foot and they have a dense area of skin in the centre. They can be painful to walk on depending on how long you have had them for and how deep they are. It is recommended that you don’t attempt to remove them yourself but see one of our Podiatrists who can gently remove them, providing immediate relief.  Corns can recur if the source of pressure is not rectified. Advice can also be given to minimise their build up and ensure your comfort.


Callous also known as ‘hyperkeratosis’ is an area of thickened dead skin that occurs where there is friction whilst weightbearing. They are very common in areas such as the ball of the feet or on the tips of your toes. They can be caused by wearing constrictive footwear, high heels or even from changes to the shape of your feet.

Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot also known as Tinea Pedis is a fungal infection that can occur in the foot, it is very common in between the toes and along the arches. People can sometimes present with an area of red, itchy and peeling skin. Often it is misdiagnosed as dry skin. This infection is usually seen in patients who have sweaty feet, wear closed in shoes constantly or partake in swimming activities. Our Podiatrists are experienced to diagnose the problem correctly and may recommend some anti-fungal medication and provide you with advise on how to manage the condition.

Plantar warts 

Also known as ‘Papilloma’, this viral skin infection is contagious. The virus appears as a raised discoloured area on the skin and can be painful or itchy. People often catch this virus whilst on holidays or at the swimming pool. Plantar warts are sometimes misdiagnosed as corns and the longer they are untreated, the larger the virus grows, resulting in a longer treatment plan. There are several treatment options that our Podiatrists can suggest. Our podiatrists can also advise you on how to protect yourself from being infected again.

If you are experiencing any of these skin conditions  don’t delay, call today on (03) 90773239 to make an appointment and experience Glad Feet.