Our Story

Our mission at Glad Feet Podiatry is to provide our patients with the ultimate quality of life. Our Podiatrists recognise that great foot health is vital to the overall longevity and wellbeing of our patients. We achieve this by investing in the latest technology and training for our Podiatrists in order to maintain a high level of patient care.

Our Story at Glad Feet Podiatry dates back many years when Mary the business owner’s mother visited a beautiful Podiatrist. She had endured pain for several months in her hips and lower back and it seemed that nothing would help ease the agony. Until she was referred to a Podiatrist who assessed her feet and found that her problem stemmed from her very flat feet. She was prescribed a pair of custom made orthoses which were ‘life-changing’.  Till this day Mary owes her inspiration to becoming a Podiatrist to the careful expertise of the Podiatrist who changed her mother’s life.

Mary graduated from Latrobe University in 2005 and worked as a full time Podiatrist. Her passion for the profession and the experience she gained in those few years led her to wanting to be the first Podiatrist to operate in Tullamarine/Gladstone Park.  In 2008 her small private practice was born. Being a local girl herself, Mary knew the demographics of the area very well and she wanted to provide its residents with outstanding foot care closer to their homes. She began operating from a humbly sized room within Fernwood gym on Carrick Drive in Tullamarine and looked after many of the patrons of the gym. Starting out in a small space, the business grew and the area couldn’t sustain the demand it received from people in Airport West, Greenvale, Keilor Park, Westmeadows and Meadow Heights. Therefore it was a good idea to start looking for a bigger space. The business relocated to Gladstone Park Shopping Centre where Glad Feet Podiatry was established. This was a tremendous move as it provided the business with more opportunity to accommodate more podiatrists giving patients the ability to be treated within a short period of time as opposed to waiting for weeks. Being situated in Gladstone Park Shopping Centre has also provided all the patients with the convenience of easy parking, being able to shop, relax at cafes and be treated all at once.

At Glad Feet Podiatry we pride ourselves on providing you with a fantastic experience from the minute you walk into the clinic until you leave. You will be greeted and looked after by our friendly support staff and treated in the utmost care by one of our caring and professional Podiatrists. Our initial assessments are quite comprehensive, we spend longer than average times with you to not only address your presenting concerns, but also provide you with an overall assessment of the health of your feet.

Over the years the feedback that we have received from our patients has been tremendous and many of our new patients are referred to our clinic by their family and friends. We strive to satisfy all our patients with the best service and we encourage you to try our clinic today as you won’t be disappointed.

All our Podiatrists at Glad Feet Podiatry are registered with AHPRA and are members of the Australian Podiatry Association.

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