At Glad Feet Podiatry our orthotics are now prescribed using the latest state of the art technology. Our podiatrists will use a camera to scan your feet to generate a digital 3D image. This image will be sent to a Melbourne based orthotic lab to produce a pair of affordable orthotics made with the highest quality.

Our experienced Podiatrists will perform a biomechanical assessment to assess the function of the muscles in your lower legs and feet. They will also perform a gait analysis which will show how your feet function whilst walking. If orthotics are required, our Podiatrists will recommend the orthotic that best suits your feet. We will then fill out a prescription form with the information collated and send it to the orthotics lab. Once ready the orthotic is then placed into your shoes in order to assist in correcting the alignment of your feet, shins, knees, hips, lower and upper back.

Could orthotics help you?

You may need orthotics if:

We also make orthotics for children.

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