Morton’s neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a painful condition where the nerves are compressed between the metatarsals. This can occur between the 2nd- 3rd toes and 3rd -4th toes. Morton’s neuroma is very common in females particularly those who wear high heel shoes. When there is repeated compression on the forefoot such as with narrow shoes or bunions the tissue around the nerves thicken and swell causing a neuroma.  This places pressure on the nerves which can cause pain in the forefoot as well as numbness. Often a clicking sound can be heard whilst walking.

At Glad Feet Podiatry our podiatrists will listen to your complaint, perform an assessment on your feet and may watch you walking in order to assess whether you have a Morton’s neuroma. We may also refer you for an ultrasound on your foot. Once diagnosed we can provide you with conservative treatment such footwear advice, in-shoe padding such as domes that splay the bones to allow more space for the nerves, and we may also prescribe custom-made orthotics that may reduce the pressure on the metatarsals.

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