Winter is upon us and you may be suffering from a bout of ‘foot hibernation’! Although your feet are tucked away underneath your socks and shoes, and no one can see them, it is still important to maintain their health.

Here are some of the common foot problems you may experience during the cooler months:

Athlete’s foot

This is a fungal infection that occurs in the foot, it is very common in between the toes and on the arches. When your feet are kept warm, you may perspire causing the skin to become a perfect environment for a fungal infection to manifest. People may notice an area of red skin that peels and might even be itchy. Often it can be misdiagnosed as dry skin. Our Podiatrist can diagnose the problem and recommend some anti-fungal medication as well as advise you on ways to minimize its spread.


This is when you have patches of red, itchy and swollen skin which is caused by cold weather and poor circulation. Chilblains are most common in the toes. Wearing tight shoes or socks with seams can irritate the skin of the toes causing pain and making them susceptible to sores. Our Podiatrists will be able to diagnose if you have chilblains and give you the right information as to how to look after your feet.

Cracked heels

More often than not, people experience cracked heels during winter even though their feet are covered. Often people can become complacent about moisturising their skin and staying hydrated during winter. These can both lead the skin to dry and crack especially around the heels. Cracked heels can be very painful to walk on and can sometimes bleed or become infected. Our Podiatrist can remove all this hard skin and help to restore their healthy texture. They will also recommend one of our moisturisers which targets cracked heels. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Smelly feet

As mentioned earlier our feet need to be kept warm by wearing socks and shoes during the cooler months. But keeping them covered at all times can also mean they smell. This is particularly a problem if your feet perspire. When combined with synthetic materials found in your hosiery and footwear this creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other germs to grow, producing the embarrassing scents. Our podiatrists can have a look at the cause of this problem and discuss with you ways you can eliminate the smell through products and general foot care.

Corns and Callus

Often when your feet are tucked away underneath your socks and constrictive shoes for months, pressure can cause areas of your skin to thicken. They can be painful to walk on depending on how long you have had them for and how deep they are. It is recommended that you don’t attempt to remove them yourself as you can make the problem worse. Our Podiatrists can gently remove them and give you advice on how to prevent them from recurring.

Looking after your feet shouldn’t depend on what the season is, but rather all year round. Call today on (03) 90773239 to make an appointment and experience Glad Feet.