Care for some healthy holiday feet? Well whether you’re planning a trip to Europe or even a weekend in a caravan park, we’ll show you how to look after your feet in 6 easy ways. As more often than not people not only bring back souvenirs from their holiday but their feet do too.

Tips to ensure your feet are looked after on your holiday:

1- Wear thongs in the shower and at the pools: this will protect your holiday feet from catching infections such as Athlete’s foot or plantar warts.

2- Take comfortable shoes: When buying shoes for a holiday always ensure that you first wear them a few times before your holiday. This will give your holiday feet a chance to see if they will have any areas of rubbing, to avoid any blisters or pain whilst you’re on holiday.

3- Moisturise your feet daily: Especially when you are at the swimming pool, beach or wearing backless shoes as this can dry out your skin. Speak to our Podiatrist about one of the moisturisers we recommend that is travel friendly and effective to use.

4- Elevate your feet: your holiday feet and ankles are prone to swelling whilst travelling on an aeroplane or being seated during bus tours. Make sure you are fitted with correct compression stockings during these times. Also elevate your feet when you can to assist with your circulation and reduce your risk of blood clots.

5- Don’t have pedicures: Whilst away people always want to get pampered. Whether you are in a 5 star hotel in Italy or on the beach in Thailand, there is always the risk of an infection from a pedicure. If you are unsure about how the tools have been cleaned don’t have a pedicure.

6- Visit your podiatrist: Upon returning from your holiday, make an appointment with our Podiatrists. Your holiday feet will thank you for it after all the walking, climbing and swimming they have endured.

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