Up to an estimated 1.6 million Australians are affected by a nail fungal infection. It’s no wonder we come across many patients at Glad Feet Podiatry with this unsightly infection. Currently there are two types of treatments available, they include topical antifungal nail lacquers that are applied daily/weekly and prescription medications. Both have their own frustrations due to patient compliance and also possible side-effects.

We are now very EXCITED to introduce to our clinic an alternative form of treatment using Photodynamic Therapy.

How does it work?

Our Podiatrist will initially assess your feet to determine your suitability for this treatment, they will factor in:

  • How severe the infection is?
  • The total number of infected toenails?
  • How you have responded to treatments previously?

If suitable, they will then provide you with a comprehensive treatment to reduce the thickness of your fungal toenails and may also apply a chemical to further soften them. Upon your following consultation, a blue gel will be applied to the fungal toenails, followed by the application of the Photodynamic light treatment.

The combination of the gel and light together will create a chemical reaction releasing energy which is transferred to oxygen. This will in turn mediate cellular toxicity and induce fungal cell death without affecting the surrounding tissues.

Here is an example of treatment progress:

fungal toenails

This treatment is safe to use on all ages, patients with Diabetes and also pregnant women.
So if you have been waiting a long time to do something about your unsightly fungal toenails, there hasn’t been a better time.
Call today on (03) 90773239 and experience Glad Feet.


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