How our Podiatrists can help you?

The role of a Podiatrist in patients with diabetes is very important. We can assess, treat and educate you on how to look after the health of your feet in order to prevent any Diabetes related foot complications.


During every Podiatry consultation we will assess the health of your feet by looking at it’s colour, temperature, presence of hair, state of the toenails, the texture of the skin and may check your pulse at various spots. You may want to discuss with us any recent change that you may have noticed in your feet since your last consultation. Once a year we perform a comprehensive assessment on your feet where we assess your nerve supply and blood circulation and provide you with feedback as to how the state of your feet are. We may also pass the results onto your GP if we discover any changes or have any concerns.


We treat your feet in a very careful manner, we trim your toenails, we reduce their thickness if needed, we remove any cracks in the skin, callous and corns. We also look out for any skin or nail infections. We thoroughly inspect for any wounds on your feet and provide you with the necessary treatment.


At Glad Feet Podiatry we pride ourselves on educating our patients continuously, we will provide you with all the relevant information you need to prevent any further foot complications and answer all your questions about how to maintain healthy feet.

We also listen to any complaints you may have about your feet and if further investigations are required we can write out a referral for you whether it be X-ray, pathology or to other specialists.

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