Looking good shouldn’t have to mean painful feet! To assist you our podiatrists have put together the following practical tips:

1- If you have any existing corns and callous or cracked heels make sure you have them treated by one of our Podiatrists. This will drastically reduce your chances of painful feet whilst wearing formal shoes. Often times the straps on the shoes will rub on the tops of the toes and aggravate any existing corns. And let’s face it, you don’t want the attention of onlookers to be focused on your cracked heels rather than on your fabulous shoes.

2- When buying new shoes, always try your shoes on at roughly the same time of day that you’ll likely be wearing them in the future. As an example, evening shoes should be purchased towards the end of the day, especially if you are prone to swollen feet. This will ensure you have enough room in the shoes for excess fluid as well as reduce your chances of experiencing pain in your feet.

3- People always ask us where they can go to buy special occasion footwear especially if they have broad feet with bunions. Over the years we have received good feedback about footwear purchased from stores like Ziera. This brand caters for women who have larger feet and need extra space around the front of the shoe. You may also wish to purchase footwear from other retailers, if so just ensure the following:

  • The shoes should be made from a soft leather material to mould to the shape of your feet.
  • The heels shouldn’t be too high to reduce your risk of rolling your ankles or tripping over.
  • Ensure they have adequate support by having a strap across your mid foot.

4- Do wear your new shoes around the house a couple of times in order to see where they might give you grief. If for example they hurt at the ball of the foot, you can purchase special gel cushions (available at our clinic) that fit into the shoe to give you cushioning and ensure they won’t hurt you on your special occasion.

5- When going anywhere where you may have to walk a long distance, take a spare pair of comfortable shoes in your handbag to prevent having to walk in your heels, or worse, barefoot!

6- When it comes to wearing peep toe shoes, very seldom will you see toenails unpainted. Avoid getting a pedicure, rather paint your own toenails with your own products to prevent any fungal infections. After the occasion is over, you should remove the nail polish to avoid any discolouration from the harsh chemicals.

7- If are spending lengthy times in the sun, be sure to apply protective sunscreen to your skin. Don’t forget your legs and feet as they can get burnt as well.

8- In order to avoid blisters on your feet purchase blister pads from the local pharmacy and carry them in your handbag. As soon as you feel the skin is starting to form a blister apply it straight away.

9- As soon as you return home, kick those shoes off! If they are sore, red or swollen, have a bottle of cold or frozen water on hand and roll your feet over it for a couple of minutes, this will cool your feet down and massage your aching muscles.

10- If your feet have been perspiring and you notice that the lining of your shoes smells, don’t put them away in the shoe closet as this is a perfect place for germs to grow. First spray the inside of the shoes with an antibacterial spray such as Tea Tree Oil (available at our clinic). Leave them outside to air overnight as this will help to eliminate the smell and then they will be ready for use again.

By following these simple hints you will avoid painful feet when dressing up. Call today on (03) 90773239 to experience Glad Feet.